Search and Find Great Deals with
 Clipables Coupons

Search and Find Great Deals with
 Clipables Coupons

Welcome to Clipables Coupons! Here you will find free coupons and savings for automotive, beauty, entertainment, grocery, health, home improvement, professional services, restaurants, shops and more. You will love the money-saving offers on the products and services that make your life better, which is exactly what you will find every time you look inside the Clipables Coupon Mailer.


Clipables means value on goods and services that make a difference in the busy lives of today’s families. For years, consumers have depended on Clipables for great values and exciting offers from local and national advertisers, as well as businesses right in their own neighborhoods. From fast food to contractors, supermarkets to produce stands, entertainment to auto services, you will find a broad range of values in every Clipables Coupon Mailer.


Reach New Customers and grow Your Sales with an effective and affordable direct mail coupon flyer.

• Targeted and Trackable Advertising

Track results as coupons are redeemed and loyalty cards
are used.

• Affordable and Economical

Less expensive than other competitors and doing it yourself.

• Large 11 x 17 inch Folded Perforated Mailer

On coated card stock that grabs attention and is easy to use.

• Delivered Monthly

Allows you to change your advertising message.

• Mailed to Zones of 10,000 or More Residents

Able to select and attract local customers from specific areas.

• Usage, Preference and RESULTS

Since 2006 consumers look forward to Clipables with exciting offers to take advantage of.

• Full Color and Custom Ad Design

At no extra charge.

• Word of Mouth and Repeat Customers

Your business grows as new customers tell others about you. Repeat customers will shop without a coupon when urgency and convenience is more important than price.




*Price is exclusive of tax.  Set-up and minimum term may apply. 
Ask for details.

Save Time and Money

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Our Mission

To help all of our customers achieve their goals by providing the highest quality printing with the best customer service at competitive prices. Provide our customers with ideas and solutions to help promote their businesses and organizations. We strive to be a positive light to all we serve.




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